Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crappy day!

My brother is crazy! Yep, he is off his rocker. One card short of a full deck, no make that ten cards! He has been trying his best to make me feel better since he gave me pink eye. I keep telling him it could have happened to anyone and to just let it go. Do you think he will, nooo. Not my crazy brother! He keeps playing with me and keeping me company. That is not why he is crazy, he is crazy because he fell in the toilet AGAIN! He didn't learn anything from the last time. He went in there and then came streaking out into the hall meowing like his tail was on fire. Mom came out of the bathroom laughing and calling his name. Scooby went and got on the bed. Mom had to get him and give him a bath AGAIN! He-he, I love it! Two dunks in the same toilet! Now if I could just learn how to use the camera, maybe I could catch him in the act! Whoooosh! Got to flush! TTYL

Now he is in a bad mood! I bet he will cheer up when he finds out the monsters are coming!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just a note

Not much going on around here. I wanted to post and say that Scooby the bugger lipped cat gave me pink eye! My eye hurts and it is swollen. Mom called K.C. over to check me out and he said it was pink eye. Scooby has it too, but his is almost gone. I just don't know about that cat. I mean he rips up toys, eats my food, and now he makes me sick! The only problem is, I love him. Yes, I said it. I mean it too! He sort of grows on you until you just realize that you love the bugger. I don't know how it happened, but I am glad it did. He is kind of nice. I am still going to pick on him, that isn't going to change one bit. Just look below! TTYL

How much is that kitty in the window? (He-he-he)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sending a shout out

I am sending a "shout" (cleaning product) out to my extended family. They have been passing a cold around in Hardy, Virginia and it has invaded their house. I was sort of nervous about this weekend. I asked if I could catch this cold and mom said no, so I was happy to see them when they came in! So anyway, the monsters came and my human cousin is sick. They stayed with us and Jeremy was VERY sick. He was puking and everything. I feel terrible for Jeremy and I hope that Steven stays well, but it was kind of cool to watch mom clean up puke. She doesn't like it at all! She gets all green and mumbles to herself about "Mom duty" while she cleans it up (human and cat). She loves to be able to help but she is real tempted to run away from home when somebody is nauseous. Please keep Jeremy and all of the extended family in your prayers. I wish them all the best, Aunt Heather doesn't like to clean it up either!! I hope that Jeremy will laugh when he reads this and know that all of my meow-ing is meant to be a funny way of making him feel better. TTYL

Friday, March 24, 2006

White fur flying

First, let me apologize for not posting on Wednesday. I have a pattern you see, every other day I post. I was not able to on Wednesday because my mom had a seizure and had to go to the doctor. She is fine but she needed some rest. They are hard on her and I didn’t even remind her to post so, here I am apologizing. So guess what. The white fiend came back. He is huge! I was outside and he strolled into my yard as if he owned it. So, I puffed up and made my angry cat sounds, you know not quite a growl but really close. He kept coming. I started to growl then. He got close to the house and I attacked! It was wonderful! There is still white fur out in the yard. I ran him off and made sure he got my message! Then mom came out and told me I shouldn’t fight. She checked me for cuts and bite marks needless to say she didn’t find any. I am fine, I am good! So I am on a little kitty high right now! The fiend lost and the knight in shining collar won! I have the shining collar, in case you didn’t know. By the way, I hate the collar! I don’t like any collar, but this one means everyone can see me at night. I can’t get the jump on anything because my collar gives me away! Oh, guess who is coming to stay with us. The monsters! Yeah, I bet they will enjoy seeing all that white fur outside. I will have to remember to tell them all about it!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Killer Scooby

All of you mouse lovers out there should stop reading this post. I don’t want to offend anyone so I am putting up this warning. However, if you do stop reading I want you to know that I didn’t do it!

Okay, I know that throughout history cats have chased and killed mice. That was fine for the ancient cats. I do not need to kill mice; I have a big bag of food that doesn’t run away. However, Scooby doesn’t quite get the idea. We had a little mouse come in the house and he caught it. Okay, sometimes I intimidate them but you have to let them go back home to tell their friends. Well Scooby didn’t let it go. He played with the mouse like it was stuffed! Man, he is brutal. Mom stopped him before he could eat the little guy, but she couldn’t save him. I am going to have to tell Scooby that he doesn’t have to catch his food anymore. Mom gives it us everyday. I hope that will calm him down because that was just gross! By the way, I saw the white fiend again! Maybe I should send Killer Scooby out to tango with the fiend. What do you think? No, I am the protector of the yard (and everything else), so I will defeat him myself!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bucking Scooby

Do I have a story for you! Mom bought a leash for Scooby so that he will go outside. He is scared to go, but he wants to go. He will sit in the door a look longingly out at the yard. So mom thought that he could go outside but still feel safe. Part of the problem is that Scooby doesn’t come to his name, or anything else for that matter. This really scared mom. What if he goes out and then gets scared. He could run off, so she bought the leash. Well, she hooks him up and we all go outside. Scooby was doing okay until mom sat him down. As soon as his little paws touched the ground, he started to flip out. He was jumping and twirling around trying to get away. He looked like one of those big bulls on TV that the cowboys try to ride. So, mom scooped him up and took him back inside. Now he is all jumpy again and that is not good. I thought it was all kind of funny, but I don’t want him to be scared. I like him and I want him to like it here too. I guess we will see what happens when she gets the “new” leash. She says it will help, I am not so sure. I’ll tell you all about it though. Got to run!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Making up

My mom is so smart! She went to the store and bought me a new nip mouse. He is not like my other mouse; this one has a very long tail. Now I have my friend back! Mom says that I have to forgive Scooby because he is teething. This means he is chewing on everything! He doesn’t mean to mess things up, but his mouth hurts so he is trying to make it better. I guess that is okay. I did notice he is loosing teeth; I just didn’t want to say anything that might hurt his feelings. I want to be the best big brother that I can be. It is my job to show him what to do and what not to do. I need to work with him because right now he hasn’t got a clue! Any ideas? I am going to go play now. Maybe I will play with Scooby too. I will post again soon! See we made up!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bugger Lips

That is it! I have put up with a lot of indignities since BUGGER LIPS (Scooby) came to live here, but not this!

In case you don’t recognize that purple blob I will tell you, it used to be my nip mouse! His guts are hanging out man! His stuffing and nip pouch are not supposed to be showing.

Bugger lips ate him! I agonized over ripping his tail off and then HE comes along and it’s my friend! It is not just my nip mouse, Look!

He is eating my MOM! What if her stuffing starts to show? Who would feed me? Who would cuddle with me? Then what will I do? I think that I will have to teach him a lesson, but how? I need to think. I’ll be outside if you need me.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

All better

Hello again! It has been a whole six days since I posted. You must have thought I had forgotten you. No, I could never forget you friends. It just took a little longer than we thought it would for my mom to get better. I am happy to report that my mom is “on the mend” and my grandma is “all most over it”. They are feeling lots better because of all the love and attention we gave them. All humans should know that kitty kisses and snuggles are the absolute best medicine ever! We cats never get the respect that we deserve. It doesn’t matter; it still makes my little heart better to know my people are well. I am going to go now. I am having a TREAT tonight as a thank you present. I wonder what it will be. Nip, no wait, food, I just can’t decide. Maybe she will give me both! Yes

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sick Leave

My mom is going to take some “sick leave”. She caught my grandma’s sick and now they both have it! They cough and sneeze all the time! Yuck! I keep snuggling with them to make them feel better, but man who wants snot fur? I can tell you who doesn’t want snot anything, ME! There is one bright spot though, all of the balled up tissues are fun to play with. The only problem is getting them out of the trash. I will blog when mom gets better. I guess you will be without me for a while. Do you think that cats can catch people sick? (Insert cat shudder) I really hope not!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Play time

I have been having so much fun! My grandma is sick so my mom is busy taking care of her. This means that I am not getting my daily outside time. Now at first, I was very upset about this. That white cat could be in my yard and I needed to defend it. Plus, I wanted to chase all the birds and other animals. Then I discovered that my brother Scooby is fun. He likes to play games with me. We run together and play with all of the toys that are around. We like to play hide and swat. He hides under the bed a lot. I don’t tell him that I can see him, nope I just play along. I found a great spot! I hid under the chair in the living room, the only problem was I fell asleep and Scooby surprised me. How humiliating is that? Scooby surprised me; it should me the other way around. My most favorite thing to do is run with Scooby. He is really fast! He gets real low to the ground and zooms around the house. I am having lots of fun inside! I am even enjoying my time with Scooby, go figure. Well, I am off to run some more! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Taking care of Grandma

Hello all of my fine furry readers! And I hello to those without fur too! My house is in an uproar. My mom is playing nurse for my grandma. Grandma caught a “people sick” at her job at the hospital. She has been very sick so my mom is playing her nurse. I don’t like it when my people get sick, but I can’t figure out how to work the can of Lysol! Mom says we have to get off the computer so she can fix grandma some lunch. Hmmm … I think that I will umm … help, yeah help her. (Insert evil kitty laugh) Maybe I will help myself too!