Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kitty fiend

That blasted intruder got away. Mom saw the thing and she wouldn’t let me stay outside. She called me and then she picked me up and took me inside! How does she think that is going to look? The fiend thinks that I am a mommy’s cat! Well, I am, but not to him! Yes, the thing is a boy! I will plot and plan until we meet again, then I will whip his white, puffy tail! I can’t wait to see all the fur laying in my yard as he runs away. Yeah, I am the cat! He can just go find some other yard to scent because this one is mine!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Intruder Alert

We have an intruder in my yard! This big white cat is walking around outside in MY yard! This is so insulting! It keeps spreading its nasty scent around and trying to sneak around. Whom does he think he is messing with? I am no kitten; I know how to run cats off! Now all I have to do is convince mom to let me outside for some “play” time! I show that beast who is boss of this yard! Grrrrr …

Friday, February 24, 2006


I am posting to say a warm Happy Birthday to my Uncle Robert! He is married to my Aunt Heather so he lives with my dad! I wanted to wish him many more birthdays and to say have a great day! I like him because he pets me when he visits. Oh, and he brushed me with my “special” comb the last time I saw him. He is a very nice person, for a human. I am happy that he is a part of my family. So, Happy Birthday Uncle Robert! TTYL Bye!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Scooby the confused cat

Okay readers, Scooby is confused. What is he talking about you wonder. Well, I will tell you. When mom brought him home he was white with the Siamese points (some not all). So now, he is getting darker. He has TAN on his side now. It was not there when he came here. Everyday he changes just a little. Mom says that he looks a lot like Crystal, I don’t know if I agree. He is still growing so we don’t know what he will look like as an adult yet. I hope he calms down. He runs and plays all the time! I like to play with him sometimes, but he is crazy. Did I mention that he is scared of everything? He runs and hides all the time. We go and talk to him and calm him down. I hope that he grows out of that. Mom says he is growing on me. Does that mean I have to go to the vet? I don’t want him growing on me, I am not a white/tan/black cat I am a black/white cat! I guess I have to go for now. Mom says I can post in the morning because she is sleepy and doesn’t like to hear the clicking of the keys as I type (yes, I learned). TTYL

Monday, February 20, 2006

Teacher cat

I have been getting some very positive feed back about my “scenting lesson”. I like being able to share my cat knowledge with everyone. Maybe I can become a professor somewhere. What do you think? Professor Snoodleroo? It has a nice ring to it don’t it? Now I would like to answer some of the questions that were asked while saying I am smart a lot.

Miles (The Mezzers):
You can try to put your strong scent on your Mommy, but it may not work. The other cats may put their strong stink on her after you and then it confuses other cats. My suggestion is to scent one part of your Mommy, (this is what I do), and then the other cats will be able to mark her somewhere else. Please tell me all about your successes.

Dad (Oreo):
You didn’t even read my smell to see what I wanted? See readers, this is why my Dad is called Boogiehead! I think they should have named you bugger head (smile). I sent more messages on the monsters, read them and THEN erase them.

Victor Tabbycat:
Scooby made the same mistake. My smell (and Crystal’s) is a way for others to know that my mom is MY mom. However, scenting is a way to tell strangers that we love our people; otherwise, we would let them walk around without our smell. I don’t think you should worry much about Bonnie being mad at you. I was mad at Scooby but we get along all right now. He is still a pain in the tail sometimes, but that is because he is so young.

Sweetie (OldOldLady of the hills):
Thank you; I am a very smart cat. Humans don’t understand that if you don’t mark then it isn’t yours. You would think that they could figure that out on their own, but I guess not. Yes, I have noticed the human clinging to other human thing. My mom’s boyfriend is always moving ME out of the way to he can, so he can, he can, eeww … I just can’t say such nasty things but here goes, KISS her. Yuck. What is the appeal of kissing? It would be better if they just butted heads and rubbed faces. Dumb humans. I am very glad that you came to visit. Please come back anytime! Can I come visit you?

Fat Eric:
You are so welcome. I like to share my thoughts. Thank you, I am very smart. I also like to hear it!

So did she pass? I hope so! If she didn’t do well you have to let her try again. I mean how long did you take to learn what the litter box was for? I was very fast, mind you. (Smile)

So, those are the answers to the questions left for me about scenting. I need to go now my paws are aching! Thank you for reading this looong post!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Shot Days

I am having a wonderful day today! Scooby had to go to the vet the other day. HA! He needed more shots; I hope that he couldn't give me anything before he got them. I will have to ask. So anyway, he went away for a while and then when he gets back mom feels so bad that she gave us Â… NIP! Whoo-hoo! I think that Scooby should go to the vet everyday. You kwhat that wouldn't'tdnÂ’t really work. Then mom would feel bad all the time, nope that was definitely not a good idea. Oh yeah, I find out that the monsters are coming for the weekend. This could be interesting (rubbing front paws together while smiling). The boys have not been introduced to the monsters. I will have so much fun telling him all about them. He-he. Now I must go, must find little brother, and scare the fur off him! Bye

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My loving Aunt

I had a visitor yesterday! It was my Aunt, she loves me so much! She came and talked to me and I guess she might have talked to Scooby too. What do I know, she was petting me. I do remember Scooby's stink on her come to think of it. She had to go home to retrieve "the monsters" (her kids) from school. I wonder if they teach Rubbing the cat 101? I hope so! So before she left I put my scent on her, thereby telling my father "Hello Dad! What's up?" I won't hear back until the monsters come and spend the night. My mom asked me why I scented my Aunt before she left. Well, duh! I like to think that my mom is smart in the ways of the cat, but I must have skipped one of her lessons. All of the silly human out there can't understand that there are different degrees of your scent. I will have to explain. Wait a moment while I find my little kitty glasses (figurative only, I promise)so that I will look as smart as I know that I am. The lesson begins with this. (Insert clearing of throat sound. No hair ball just for affect) The first is a light scent, a way to send greetings or introduce your self. The second is a mild scent, a way to say "you need to back off", but in a nice way. The third is a medium scent, telling others to "back off this person or furniture (or anything else) is mine". The final, and strongest of all the scents is the strong scent. This one tells others to "back away slowly, I have claws (and fangs) and I am not afraid to use them!" Thus concludes my lesson. Any questions? Wait, I can't see your paws, hmmm ... send questions using the comments. Then I can answer them all. Well, I have had enough school today, time for a nap! TTYL

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is everybody's invitation to my brother Scooby's blog. I helped him create it (insert smug cat smile). I hope that you all enjoy! I want to wish everybody, cat or not, a warm "Happy Valentines Day"!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I can FLY

I have been playing and eating nip all day! Such a lovely hobby. Today my mom told me that I can't go outside, so she gave me nip. I was very surprised. I had nip for the last three days in a row! Shh, don't tell my mom. I can't go outside because it is snowing again. I hate the snow! It gets my paws wet and it is cold. I can't play outside in the snow so my mom says "No, outside time sweetie. Sorry." I am kind of happy way down deep in my little kitty heart, I would much rather have nip than wet paws! I have been playing ( or fighting, your guess) with Scooby and chasing my toys around. I needed a break and my mom had that dumb camera again so she wants to post pictures. So here they are.

I am playing with my brother here. We are still playing with the bubble wrap that came with the nip from Robyn and her cats. I like to roll on it.

Unfortunately, some times it rolls with me.

I like my brother when we are stoned. He looks kind of scary but cool. I don't like the fact that he is playing with MY toys though.

Now I bet that you are wondering why I titled this post the way I did. Why does he think that he can fly? Is it because of the nip? Well, I can tell you that it is sort of from the nip. My mom took this picture.
She told me that I had a cape, like a super hero does. I walked around with the "cape" on until I rolled over to play with Scooby. Then the bubble wrap stuck on my paw and the floor. All it took was one good shake and the bubble wrap fell off of my fur and became a toy again! It don't really matter what you think is a toy as long as it is safe and fun! I think that this will help my brother and I bond a little as we get to know each other. Hopefully we will develop a relationship that is just as close as Crystal and I had. That is what my Mom hopes, so I feel the same way. I will post again later. Bye.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Treasure Chest

I have been so happy! My nip that Robyn and her cats sent to us is the best! We have been playing and eating it. My mom hides our nip from us. I tend to eat through the bag and get it all over the house. I am not exactly sure why this is a bad thing, but my mom thinks it is. She used to hide it in a drawer, but I can get to it when she hides it there so she bought this thing.

This is what she uses to keep us away from our nip. The thing even has a lock! She painted it gold and calls it our treasure chest. I kind of thought that was funny, but I still want my nip. The only good thing about the box is that I can still smell the nip inside. Fumes are better than nothing! She put the nip that we got in the mail in the box and took this picture.

My mom set our nip on top of the nip we already had, and took a picture where you can see our names on the baggies. I think it is pretty cool. However, I still think I should be able to get my nip when I want it. I am just happy that she replaces the nip in our toys and gives us some to play with a lot, otherwise I would have to stage a revolt. Good mom! Now if I could just train her to open the box when I meow she would be perfect! I have to go now! I can hear the box opening! Bye!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've got mail

It was an ordinary day around my house. I walked out with my mom to get the mail. I do this almost every day. She smiles and talks to me as we walk, it is so cool. So anyway, when we get out to the mailbox there sat two boxes. She picked them up and read the labels. One was hers, but the other was mine (and everyone else). I was so excited! It was from our friends Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mom Robyn! When we got back in the house she opened everything else before she opened my package! So mean! When she opened the box she smiled and went to get the camera so she could post some pictures. She came back and started to take her pictures.

This is what the package looked like inside. All wrapped up, but I could smell it! It had NIP in it! So she open it up and this is what we found.

There is nip for me and Scooby and a present for mom too. Mom was so happy. She doesn't get many surprise presents anymore. Here are some more pictures of our presents for you to look at.

You are looking at two baggies, with three separate bags of nip in them. One baggies says my name and the other says Scooby. We didn't want to wait for Mom to finish taking her pictures so we interrupted. We like to get in the way!

The last thing that was in the box was a baggie for my mom. There is a card in the middle. My mom took a picture of the card and her gift as you can see below.

Mom cried and smiled when she opened her box. Robyn sent her grief beads to help her feel better about Crystal's passing. My mom has been trying very hard to put Crystal's things away and couldn't do it. She held the beads and rubbed them while she put them away. Thank you Robyn. Your gift helped my mom find the strength to put Crystal's things away. Your generosity has touched all of our hearts. The encouragement that we have felt has been a blessing. This household is still in mouring but we have been able to smile and laugh again. Thank you.
I will post some more about the fun we are having with our nip. We love everything that was sent and the emotions that have come from it. All of the comments, prayers, and now our wonderful gift have truly help us all deal with the difficult time that we are having. Thank you all.

Posting Trouble

I'm posting this to see if this message will stay on my blog. I've had three that wouldn't stay! I am hoping that my mom fixed the problem and I can post later. I have a lot to post about. I have had an interesting week and I can't wait to tell you about it. TTYL

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scooby, my brother

Well, this is the brat. I am starting to like him, but don't tell him that! I am posting tomorrow so check back then. Bye for now.