Saturday, December 16, 2006


Run Scooby! Run Mom! Run Grandma! The crazy neighbor man is SHOOTING! It must be hunting season again here in Virginia. We always know because the neighbor man breaks out the big giant cannon gun and target. (Sigh) I have to remember to keep my ears really, really low so he won't think I'm a deer. There most assuredly is no cat hunting season. Mom still makes me stay inside more right now though. How dumb would a hunter have to be to shoot me? I am the wrong color, way to short, no antlers, no flicking white tail (White tailed Deer). I mean come on Mom, I'll stay in the yard. Let me out ok? (Insert background BOOM) NEVERMIND! I am very tired all of a sudden (yawn). I think I'll go sleep under the bed! Stay safe.