Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My mom has lost her freakin' mind! freakin' is a new word I heard the other day and I like it. Mom said to stop freakin' out about "Scooby" (insert sarcastic drawn out name). That is why I think my mom is crazy. It all started when my mom told me about Crystal. Everyone was so sad and lonely. I tried to help my mom but I was sad too. So my mom had this bright idea to get me a "play mate". She thought it might help us feel better. I didn't realize that she was bringing it home two days after Crystal's passing! It seemed like she was trying to replace Crystal! Then my mom talked to me and told me you can never replace a friend you just have to make new ones and remember the old ones. So I thought, okay she will bring me a "play mate" and I will make sure she understands I don't like it! So she brought home another cat and HE is a BOY! This is MY house, what was she thinking? Scooby looks kind of like Crystal so I was confused at first and I didn't beat him up. Later on that night I got a whiff of his nasty smell and I knew it was not my sister. This just sucks.

He is a nice cat I guess. He follows me around and watches me a lot. Creepy! He likes to play, with MY toys, so I kind of play with him. I was trying real hard not to even acknowledge his presence, I hid in the other rooms hissing and growling and wouldn't even come to my mom the first night that he was here. Then my mom picked me up, smelling like him, and asked me if I would be nice to him and accept him into our family. She had tears in her eyes and I could feel Crystal's presence in the room and they were both asking me to let him in. I head-butted my mom (my special way of kissing her) to let her know that I understood her (and Crystal too), and that I would try.

My mom told me Scooby's story and I decided that I might be able to stand to have him around. Scooby has had a hard life until now. He is only about three months old and he was dropped off to fend for himself. That made me kind of sad, so I settled down on her lap so she could finish. She told me how he had been living at the vet's office (SCARY) until mom gave him a home. I wouldn't want anyone to have to live at the vet, so I made up my mind to accept him. I still give him a hiss and swat every now and then, just to remind him who is in charge here.

All in all, he isn't all that bad. We chase each other and play together (sometimes). I like to play with him, he has lots of energy and likes to run. The on;y problem I have now is that he can't go outside with me. Mom says he is to young and might get lost. I guess that would be a bad thing (insert evil cat smile). No, I wouldn't want him to get lost. That would make my mom sad again and that is just wrong! The house doesn't feel sad anymore and I don't want it to again! We all miss Cre very much, but it does help to have someone to play with. I will teach him everything that Crystal taught me and in a way Crystal will live again. That makes me very happy! Maybe this new cat thing wasn't such a bad idea after all. I am going to help Scooby start a blog and will post the link soon. Thank you for all of the nice posts and comments that everyone made. My mom is trying to read them all, but they made her cry and she stops and reads more later. It may take her a while but she will read them all. We all wish Cre the greatest success in heaven and we know that she is happy. Sometimes I can still feel her beautiful crossed eyes looking at me saying "I knew you loved me sucker!" I am glad she knows. Thank you again. The next post will be Scooby's first picture on my blog. TTYL

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crystal Elizabeth. Loved by all. Posted by Picasa
I loved her so much. She was my sister. Posted by Picasa

My Sister crystal

I am so sad to have to tell you that Crystal passed away today. She was very sick and she couldn't get better. Mom told me that she is happy with God and not to be scared anymore. We have all been really worried about Crystal. Hoping and praying for her, it just didn't work. I didn't get to say goodbye. Mom brought her toys home from the vet and they smell like her. I miss her so much I laid down on her blanket with her rabbit. Mom is crying and very sad. I went and licked some of her tears away but it didn't work. Her heart is broke. My heart is broke. I don't like death! It takes away the ones we love. Mom says that it is natural but I don't care! I want my sister back! I want to smell her stinky butt and nasty breath. I want to hear her "moo-ing" meow! I want to see her. This just sucks! Everybody is so sad and we all miss Crystal tons. Mom wrote on Crystal's blog and showed all kinds of pictures. They made her smile and cry at the same time. The pictures are supposed to show everybody what kind of cat Crystal was. She was my friend and sister. That is what kind of cat she was. Everybody loved her because she was Crystal, there is just no other way to put it. Now I need to go and lick some more of Mom's tears away. She is really sad because she told the doctor to give Crystal the shot to send her to God. I know that Crystal couldn't get better and she needed to let go, but my Mom is still blaming herself. I will have to lay beside her on the bed and purr really loud. Hopefully she will stop crying soon. Thank you for all of the prayers for Crystal and all of the support for my Mom. We appreciate everything. I will keep you all posted on what is going on around here, but I might take a few days off. I need to help my Mom and Grandma. TTYL

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My sister is very sick

I am so scared! My sister got sick this weekend and had to go to the vet. I haven't seen her since Sunday. My mom cries a lot. That isn't good. Crystal, my sister, has kidney failure. She is very sick. The vet is trying to get her body to work right again, but so far their is little to no change. My mom calls to check on her all the time just praying that she will be alright. We all feel kind of lost without her around. I want her to get better and come home. Please pray for her and give her all of the support that you can. My mom still says good night to her when it is bed time because she thinks that if you say it with love than Crystal will hear it. Crystal is very down so everybody send her some LOVE! I need to go. Bye.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Revenge is best served on the net

My sister put a picture of me on her blog that is not so flattering. I am including a link because I understand that curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. So there is a link. Anyway, I am putting one of her on my blog to show her that I can play dirty too.

Hee-Hee! Doesn't she look funny? My mom had an old hair bow that had been stretched out and wouldn't stay on her head anymore. Crystal was playing with it so my mom made her a hat! She got my grandmother to hold crystal while she took the picture! Ha, she kind of looks funny. Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crap, he can see me! Wait, I mean, yeah I am your master! Posted by Picasa
Do you think that they can see me? Posted by Picasa
They are cowering from the mighty Snoodleroo! Posted by Picasa
Ha! I can see you! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 09, 2006

He can't be ten yet!

I can't believe it. We are having yet another birthday in this family. My human cousin,Steven is turning 10! I am so amazed at the way time will zoom by you when you aren't looking. Well, to Steven: Happy birthday boy! We all send all of our love and kisses to "yall" on your special day! I hope and pray that you will remember that we are always here for you no matter what. Love doesn't change, it just grows! We all look at you and we just want to cheer! Yes you heard me right cheer. You have your own cheerleaders, can you hear us? Whoo-hoo! He is TEN! Yeah! I can't think of any other ten year old who I would allow to brush and kiss me, so you go boy! Sending you all the love from all of us here. Hello to all of you monsters up there with the birthday boy, love you too.
Have a wonderful day baby! Luv, Snoodleroo, Crystalqueen, AA, & GM

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have a secret!

Hello all of you cats! I have a really big secret! I will tell you because I can’t keep it in! My tail is twitching, my back is jumping, and I just want to tell! So here goes, I got a secret paw! Ain’t that cool? I have been looking and looking but I can’t find it. How frustrating! Hold on a second, my mom is talking to me. Umm… well, it seems she told me wrong about this secret paw thing. I got a gift from a secret paw, not that I actually had one. Oh well, I have a secret paw! My secret paw was Ms. Sniffles! She sent me cool toys that I can bite and chew on and bite! One is shaped like a duck and the other is a mouse.

As you can see this is my duck, ducky. And this fine fellow is my mouse, tom. They are both great!

I love them both! They taste so good. Thank you! I am so happy!! How did you know that I like to chew and bite on things? That is my favorite thing to do to my toys! My mom says that I am have to say that my sister, Crystal, had a secret paw too! She got a mousie and some really yummy food things (she shared). Well I had better go for now, Crystal is wanting to write on her blog tonight. Have a wonderful season and keep a cattin!