Monday, September 23, 2013

My angel Jamesie Ray Layne

My sweet boy Jamesie has run off to the rainbow bridge. He left us on September 20, 2013 at 3:00 am. He was with me for 14 years and his loss is keenly felt. How do you say goodbye to someone who is such a huge part of your life? I got Jamesie from my sister Heather when he was 8 weeks old, but I had been visiting with him almost every day since he was born. He was Oreo's only boy child and when I saw him I just knew he was going to be mine. Jamesie was a silly boy when he was little. He liked to make trouble and run around. He brought so much happiness to my life. He was with me for so many important and difficult times in my life. When Crystal died. When Heather got hurt. When I found Scooby. When my Mother died. No matter what happened I knew that Jamesie would be there for me, to rub against my legs and give me head butts. Jamesie was a kind and loving cat and he was always there for me. It breaks my heart to know that I couldn't be there for him when he needed me the most. The only thing that I could do for him was to tell him to let go. So I did. I sent him to the bridge to see his Dad, Sister, and Grandmother. He will be where I can see him again one day.

Jamesie had been diagnosed with diabetes and a bladder infection on September 5, 2013. He was hospitalized for a week. He got to come home for one week before he passed away. He is not in pain anymore. He is not suffering. He is happy again and that is what matters the most to me. So, as much as it hurts to do it, I wish my sweet baby Jamesie goodbye for now. I will see him again, I just need to be patient and wait. God will watch over him and keep him safe for me. He was loved by many and will never be forgotten. Always a part of my heart and my family. Rest in peace my dear baby Jamesie. Here are some moments from Jamesie's life.

 Jamesie at 8 weeks old, getting ready to come to his forever home.
Jamesie playing on his aunt Heather's rocking chair. Peek-a-boo!
 Chilling on the bed. So cute.
 Sniffing the camera, so silly.
Jamesie and Scooby. 
Jamesie with Scooby and Spocky.

My baby Jamesie. 
Goodbye my bear, RIP.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today is my human cousin Steven's 11th birthday! He is growing up so fast! Mom and Grandma went to his party on Sunday so he already got his presents. Mom says that before we know it all of the monsters will be grown up and have little monsters of their own. Now THAT is a scary thought! They do seem to be getting awfully big lately. I do miss the "kids" being little. They used to play with me more (insert kitty smile). However, I am a cat that understands life. They have to grow up sometime and I am just happy that I get to see the growing going on! Have a great birthday Steven! Love us all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Secret Paw is here

My secret paw came in the mail on December 23, 2006! My secret paw is Merlin the Cat Nelson! Go see his blog at Mom made me wait to post until today because the monsters have been here. It makes it hard for Mom to post so I guess I'll forgive her. So any way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am going to post some pictures now. Mom says I have to share because Scooby hasn't gotten his secret paw yet so he will be in some off the pictures too.

This is the card that Merlin sent to me!

It opens and says very nice things to me!

Look at what the box was hiding! BAD BOX!

Look at all the wonderful presents!

Come here Scooby! You can look too! What are you doing to the box? Are you eating it?!

HA! Now Mom took the box away. Come here and check out all the super cool stuff!

See I can share, when I want to.

What can I say accept THANK YOU MERLIN!!!!! I am having so much fun!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Run Scooby! Run Mom! Run Grandma! The crazy neighbor man is SHOOTING! It must be hunting season again here in Virginia. We always know because the neighbor man breaks out the big giant cannon gun and target. (Sigh) I have to remember to keep my ears really, really low so he won't think I'm a deer. There most assuredly is no cat hunting season. Mom still makes me stay inside more right now though. How dumb would a hunter have to be to shoot me? I am the wrong color, way to short, no antlers, no flicking white tail (White tailed Deer). I mean come on Mom, I'll stay in the yard. Let me out ok? (Insert background BOOM) NEVERMIND! I am very tired all of a sudden (yawn). I think I'll go sleep under the bed! Stay safe.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another birthday!

We are celebrating another birthday in my family. The youngest monster is turning 9! It just doesn't seem possible. One minute he is a baby and the next he is nine! What next his graduation? Or, Please heaven no, his marriage?! The time flies by when you aren't looking and then it sneaks up on you and smashes you over the head with reality. Oh what a rude awakening.

We don't see Chris (topher) nearly as much as we want to, but that doesn't make the love weaker. Mom and Grandma talk about him and think about him all the time so it seems like he is standing across the room. They miss him and want to say hello so without further ado, here is my mom.

When did you grow up so much? It seems like only yesterday when you were an Elmo fan who loved to eat sweet potatoes. I am so very proud of you, all of Heather's boys. You are becoming (much to quickly) a wonderful person that anyone would be proud to call her nephew. I hope that you got your card and that we will see you VERY soon. All my love and best wishes, your loving Auntie Am.

I know that mom is very proud of her family and would hiss at anyone who would say otherwise. I just can't quite believe that the little boy who liked to pull on my tail (not hard, it felt good) has grown up so fast! All three are growing up to be well developed humans who love cats! We will have another birthday soon for the middle monster, Steven. He is going to be 11! I can't believe it, so much time has gone by! I am going to play with my new toy. Scooby is trying to take off with it! GTG!

Here he is, Chris! At a much younger age !

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh no, a teen

Today is monster Jeremy's 13th birthday! He has been talking about his birthday since, oh let me see, October 8th 2005! He wants to be a teen and now he is! Now mom wants to talk so hold on a second. She is very impatient today!

Hey Jeremy, I am very proud of you, not just today but everyday! You are growing so fast! You were the first baby that ever lived with me and now you are a teenager! So much time has flown by, but it seems like just a blink of the eye. We all love you so very much, and we want you to have a wonderful birthday! Just remember that we are always here if you need us and that I love you. Be good.
Your loving Aunt,
Auntie Am (& Grandma too!)

Isn't my mom just so sweet! She loves those little monsters with all her heart, no wait I get the most of her heart! The monsters can have their share, I have good manners! Sending out birthday wishes and all of my love!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Today my brother is a man, no wait that is a different speech altogether. He turned 1 today! I can't believe how much he has grown. I used to be able to sit on him and mom couldn't see him because he was so small (not cause I'm big mind you). Ahh, the good old days. He has grown to be a friend as well as my playmate. He is a very cool cat! So here's to you little brother!
Meow, meow, M-E-O-W, got to be warmed up to sing ya know. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Scooby, happy birthday to you!
Time for baby pictures.
He has grown A LOT!

Here is one of us together, I'm the handsome tux kitty on the left!

So cute, and here is now!

Told you he was getting bigger! You grow man!