Friday, December 23, 2005

No more snow!

I am so Bored! It is snowing again! I want to go outside but my mom says “No way little man. You would stay out there and freeze to the ground.” I keep telling her that I am a responsible cat who can judge when to come back in. She looks at me and I just know she is thinking, “Yeah right. Responsible kitties would stay inside.” Or some such nonsense. So I set in the window and dream. We have birds that stick around even in the winter so I’m not just dreaming. No, I am banging my head on the window when I lunge to catch them as they fly right past me. Dang! I am going to sulk now. TTYL

What are seizures anyway?

I just wanted to say hi! My mom has not been posting my posts. She has had so much to do lately. She has been ignoring me. Not really, I just thought she might brush me some more if I could make her think that I felt neglected. Man, it didn’t work. There is not much going on around here. I have been watching a lot of movies and of course the birds. They are fun if my mom watches with me. We both tend to nod off and sleep for a while. My weekend was kind of fun. The little monsters came back and stayed for two days. I was outside a lot more than normal. When they are here all I have to do is walk over in the area of the door and they will let me out. Cool huh? They went home and we began another week here at my house. I will not be able to post as much for a while because this is the time for my mom to have a seizure. She doesn’t really want to get on the net with me when she could hurt me or herself. We have so many pointy corners in this house. So I have to help look out for her. If she gets hurt again I will have to learn to type. TTYL

Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 really dumb mice!

Hello all of my readers. I am so upset to have to tell you this. There were three mice in my house. Yes three. I am so astonished. My mom has a no kill trap and you can see them when they are in it. Imagine my surprise when I look and there sat three mice inside. I looked at them as they tried to hide and wondered why they were scared. Then it occurred to me I was hanging my giant (to them) black kitty head right over top of them and they couldn’t get away. So I backed up and watched from a distance. They didn’t do much; mainly they ran back and forth in the trap. My mom went outside to let them out and she wouldn’t let me go! As if I would just attack three helpless little… okay I would but still! So off she goes carrying the trap and some cereal for the little buggers to eat at their new home. She walks off into the snow and sleet to free some creature she doesn’t even know. I wonder why? Maybe I will ask her when she gets warm again. I have to get off now; my sister wants her time on the computer too. Like she can see well with her small crossed eyes. I know, I know that isn’t nice. So? TTYL

Jamie, the weather man

Hello to all of you lovely readers! I am in a great mood. It all started this morning. I was watching the news with my mom and heard the word snow. My mom started talking to my sister, who had stolen my place in her lap! But I was planning. So as the day went on I kept to my normal routine. I slept, ate, went outside, chased my toys (and my sister), slept, and well anyway you get the picture. So it starts to get late. My mom says the news is on. I know this word means the show that says important things that are going on. I moseyed on in the living room and laid down in my bed beside the heat. I was watching for the guy who points at the pictures and says the weather. I liked him for a while because I thought his name was Jamesie, like mine. Turns out it is Jamie, his loss. So anyway, back to my plan. I waited and waited without taking any catnaps, this was so hard, and then he came on. I stood over closer to the TV and tried to be all casual so no one would guess my plan. When he said snow, I went right into action! I put my swatting paw on the TV and swatted him good! He was still talking so I did it again. My mom told me to get down and I ran to bed. But it worked! He said snow but when I scared him, no snow came! I am such a smart cat! I will try this again and see if I can scare away the rain! TTYL

Poor little nip mouse

I have committed the worst bad thing I have ever done in my short little cat life. I have injured someone I love. He did nothing to deserve the pain that I have given him. I will never forgive myself. Well, here you can see for yourself what I did. This poor fellow is my poor little nip mouse. He did nothing to except play with me and be my friend.
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This is his side picture. Wasn't he so beautiful? Now he will be scared for life. I am such a bad cat!

So Stoned

I love Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mom! They have the best nip ever made! I feel great! I have been rolling for so long that I have just worn myself out. I guess I will just lay here and look at all of the interesting things that float by me. You know, a cat has the deepest, mental, thoughts after he has nip. Ya know, why did I fall off of the couch when I fell asleep yesterday? Or why is my food dish so much smaller than my water dish? Are my sister's eyes crossed if you look at her with one eye shut? You know things like that. Well, thank you again for the nip. I am going to sleep now. I am so stoned, just like my cat dad Boogiehead!
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I have no manners

I just got a lecture. My mom just realized that I didn’t say anything about her present from Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mom. I told her that it is pretty but it just isn’t nip. She thinks that it is beautiful! Alot of people have been asking her where she got it and my mom tells them how to get one of their own. That is so cool! I have to say that she is right about the pendant being pretty, a necklace pendent. Kind of like a collar decoration for any who don’t get my “pendent” word. I am trying to smarten my self up just a bit. I don’t know if it is working or not. Guess we will just have to wait and see. TTYL

Nip in the mail

Hello all of you. I am writing on my blog because my mom just got some nip in the mail. It came from Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mom. Let me just say that is some good nip! I was all over the envelope when my mom brought it in. We have had some bad weather here in Virginia so I didn’t go with her to get the mail. Of all the days to choose to keep my paws dry. But anyway, the nip they sent is the best nip I have ever been around! I ate it and rolled in it. This is not normal behavior for me, well the rolling part might be a little bit true. My sis and I both have our own bags. I might just have to snitch a little from her bag if I run out. I believe that I have just about run out of things to say for today as I can hear my grandma is opening the “special” drawer where they hide my nip. So, um … bye!


I would like to tell any kitty out there Happy Thanksgiving! If you are quick enough Thanksgiving is a happy time for all us cats. My mom gives me little pieces of turkey and ham after she cooks them. They are great! I mean my mom is a wonderful cook but she makes a great Thanksgiving! I am partial to the ham but my sister loves turkey. We weave around her feat and look up at her adoringly and she gives us samples. She cuts it up for my sister and me so we don’t choke or sling it everywhere. We are very messy eaters. What can I say; we like to shake our food. That is why I am a very happy cat today. I am in food heaven and I am not leaving any time soon! TTYL


Well, hello all my kitty friends! It is fall here in Virginia. All the pretty leaves have fallen of the trees in my yard. You know what that means don’t you? Rolling! I roll around in the leaves and pretend that they are nip. I get all the nip that I need in my house, but hey who wouldn’t want there own field of it? I like the idea of that. There are draw backs though. You would have every strangler around in your yard all the time. Not fun! So I will just dream and then go in to my nippy toys and scratcher. Having a wonderful day here, hope everybody else is too!

The monsters are back

The monster children are back. They came and stayed at my house. I kind of like to have them around, ok, I admit it, I miss them when they leave. There, are you happy now? You made me say it, with all your accusing tail twitching and kitty stares how could I do anything else. So anyway, they didn’t stay very long, but they played with me and brushed me, all a cat could want. Man, I hope that they come back soon. I like to have little guys around to talk to. At my house, I am surrounded by girls. Oh, what a wonderful life this little kitty lives! Bye for now.