Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 really dumb mice!

Hello all of my readers. I am so upset to have to tell you this. There were three mice in my house. Yes three. I am so astonished. My mom has a no kill trap and you can see them when they are in it. Imagine my surprise when I look and there sat three mice inside. I looked at them as they tried to hide and wondered why they were scared. Then it occurred to me I was hanging my giant (to them) black kitty head right over top of them and they couldn’t get away. So I backed up and watched from a distance. They didn’t do much; mainly they ran back and forth in the trap. My mom went outside to let them out and she wouldn’t let me go! As if I would just attack three helpless little… okay I would but still! So off she goes carrying the trap and some cereal for the little buggers to eat at their new home. She walks off into the snow and sleet to free some creature she doesn’t even know. I wonder why? Maybe I will ask her when she gets warm again. I have to get off now; my sister wants her time on the computer too. Like she can see well with her small crossed eyes. I know, I know that isn’t nice. So? TTYL


Blogger Timmy said...

Hey Snoodleroo! I got such a nice surprise today!!! I have picture of me opening my wicked awesome secret paw gift!! It camed on "three kings day" did you know that?! What purrrfect timing! Thank you oh so much! I'm gonna post about it on my blog and on the secret paw blog too but I gotta get Momma to help me put the pictures up...
About those meece. They sound very yummm-uhh...nice. Yeah. They sound really nice. To EAT!!! Wait. I've never eaten a mouse. Do they taste gamey? Eh...I'll stick to my turkey ;)

11:17 PM, January 06, 2006  
Blogger charlie said...

Hey Snoodles - Oreo says your Crystal has had her Secret Paw, but we haven't heard nuffink from her.

Was it ok - Mama is worried 'cos she had to order online.....


4:13 PM, January 11, 2006  

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