Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jamie, the weather man

Hello to all of you lovely readers! I am in a great mood. It all started this morning. I was watching the news with my mom and heard the word snow. My mom started talking to my sister, who had stolen my place in her lap! But I was planning. So as the day went on I kept to my normal routine. I slept, ate, went outside, chased my toys (and my sister), slept, and well anyway you get the picture. So it starts to get late. My mom says the news is on. I know this word means the show that says important things that are going on. I moseyed on in the living room and laid down in my bed beside the heat. I was watching for the guy who points at the pictures and says the weather. I liked him for a while because I thought his name was Jamesie, like mine. Turns out it is Jamie, his loss. So anyway, back to my plan. I waited and waited without taking any catnaps, this was so hard, and then he came on. I stood over closer to the TV and tried to be all casual so no one would guess my plan. When he said snow, I went right into action! I put my swatting paw on the TV and swatted him good! He was still talking so I did it again. My mom told me to get down and I ran to bed. But it worked! He said snow but when I scared him, no snow came! I am such a smart cat! I will try this again and see if I can scare away the rain! TTYL


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