Monday, October 24, 2005

This has been a bad day

I am feeling hurt right now. I got a shot. How crappy can one day be? It all started about three nights ago. I went outside to make sure everything was okay. I have to keep my family safe. All of the sudden I smelled a nasty smell. What was you ask? Andrew, the punk cat from up the street. So I ran around to the front porch to warn my mom and who do you think I found? The punk was on my porch! He had been real sneaky, roaming around my house. So I started to puff up and growl, you know real low and mean sounding. He just turned around and looked at me. So I jumped him and we started to, lets just say wrestle. I had him down and was meowing for my mom to come see when the sneaky little bugger bit me! He had the nerve to come in my yard and bite me? Well I started kicking his butt again when the front door opened. The light shining out stunned me and the stinking punk got away. Well, I had forgotten all about it until my mom felt "a place" on my back today. Well she goes and calls her friend K.C. to come and look at me. He is a vet in training and is usually a nice guy, but not today. He came and cleaned the bite (I was growling and hissing so loud) but then he got out a needle! I was scared out of my fur. I hate needles. He started telling me some crap about how if I didn't fight with strange animals then I wouldn't have to have anymore antibiotics. While I was trying to find a way to run he jams the needle in and shoots me full of who knows what. Can you believe him? I tried to bite him, just for revenge, but he held me down. He told mom that he would come back in a few days and check me out again. He better not! Well if he does, I'll claw him and run. I can't believe that we superior cats have to answer to a vet for protecting our people against vicious, stinking strangers. I got to go out and play for awhile but it is so cold I had to come in and warm up. Nobody better mess with me for the rest of the night. I will go to sleep on the dryer with dreams of hurting Andrew and K.C. in my little kitty heart. I have to find a way to show Andrew who is boss around here, and it sure isn't him! Hope you have a better day than me.

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Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Shaggy always wants to rumble with the cat next door. He is creatively named "Kitty". Kitty is a mean boy. He fought with a racoon and lived to tell about it, even though the fur on his back is torn up & ragged. Moms cat when she was a girl was an adopted tomcat who'd fight all the time. He'd always get abscesses & have to go to the vet to get cleaned up. But he lived a long happy life. Rock on!

7:20 PM, October 24, 2005  

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