Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cool Cat

This is about two weeks old. My mom types so slow. I can't be too mad, after all she is trying.
Here it is:
I am a very cool cat. I am sitting in the window looking out at my yard and feeling very peaceful. I am very happy to report that the weekend is over. I can imagine that you are asking why would I want the weekend to be over, right? Is it because my people go away? No, I love my people to be here. Is it because it rained? Nope. Let me just explain. My mom has a sister, my human aunt. She has three boys. That is the reason I am glad the weekend is over. I was a lucky that only two of them came to stay. If you get all three in one place you better hide your tail. So anyway, the little terrors as I like to call them, stayed all weekend! They woke me up, played with my toys, and tried to pick me up! They are loud and messy, well that kind of sounds like me actually. The big one likes to brush me with my scratchy brush while the little one will play with me until I get bored. They always give me extra food and they let me out when ever I go to the door. You know what; I kind of miss those boys. They are rotten as all get out but they are kind of fun too! So, I wonder if they will be back this weekend. Do you think I should weave around their feet when they come back? Oh, no way I am doing that again! I forgot that their feet smell like a month old litter box. Yuck!


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