Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello out there.

I am writing to my blog for the first time. Sorry it has taken so long. I don't do my own typing (still learning) and my human Mom broke her arms so she can't type much for me. She is going to post this for me so I will stop complaining. I am really excited to have found a place that I can share my unique view on life. It is a very rewarding life when you are a cat. There are also some down points. Kids, litter boxes, and skunks being my biggest three. I mean why do the humans get a room to go potty in and all I get is a box? Is that fair? I think not. It just makes me hiss to think that human people get to go in private and I don't even have a door. Well, now that I have that out of my system I can tell you some more about myself.
I am a sleek black and white American short hair cat. I wear a tuxedo all the time, it never hurts to be formal. I have one snotty sister, a pure breed Siamese. We kind of get a long, but I like to attack her when she least expects it, so much fun!! I am a happy cat most of the time (when I get my way) and am a purrfectly sweet friend to have around, human or cat. I will write more later so check back with me. This is Snoodleroo, king of the net and nip, reporting from Troutville, Virginia. Bye for now.

That handsome cat is me, Jamesie

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I really like this picture. My human Mom took it and made my face pop out of a black screen, cool huh? It is fun to have your picture taken when you are in the mood. If I pose for the camera I can get a treat: NIP. My favorite. That is why I don't usually mind the camera.

Cameras can be evil

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I am so not wanting to have my picture taken right now. My human Mom came in the room and shot this picture after she woke me up! How insulting. She comes in the bedroom and covers me up with the blanket. I am thinking ok, cool now I can really get some sleep. Then she pulls the bundle of covers, sheets, and me off the bed and set it in the laundry basket. I hollered and she came to help, apologizing the whole time. She says, "Mommy is sorry. I didn't see you on the bed." Well, duh. I wouldn't expect you to see me when I was hiding in the comforter. So she makes the bed all neat and clean, with no ways I can get under the blanket now, and says "Here you go little guy, now you can sleep." I just looked at her like she had lost her freaking mind and what does she do? She goes and gets the camera. That settled it for me, she is a wacko. So I glared really hard for the camera while she snapped the blinding light into my sleep dazed eyes. Then in just a few moments she comes over and shows me the picture saying, "Oh, aren't you so cute. I just love those gorgeous yellow eyes of yours." Well, I started feeling kind of bad for blaming my Mom for waking me up and calling her a wacko, so I purred and rubbed against her, ya know saying I love you. Then she lays down the picture and curls up with me for a cat nap. Happy ending all around. I got my nap, some love, some treat (later), and a nice Mom who messed up the cover so we could stay warm. Maybe she is not so bad after all. This is Snoodleroo, reporting from Troutville, Virginia. Talk to ya later Bye.