Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What is going on outside? It looks like someone turned on the faucet (in the sky) and left it on! We are flooding here at my house. I hate to get wet so I sent mom out with the flashy thing for some pictures! She was going out anyway so, why not? I was amazed at the pictures she brought back! My yard, my beautiful yard! I wonder if it will be okay, I hope so. What do you think? Will it be okay. I am posting the pictures right below this. (By the way: We are all safe and sound)

This is our driveway.

This is the side of our driveway, it doesn't usually have waterfalls.

The next two pictures are of the creek. It is running so fast!

Now I will show you what the back yard looks like! The next three pictures are the back creek.

this is what I have named, Lake Snoodleroo!

And this is the "river" that flows away from Lake Snoodleroo, Scooby River! I wonder where I got the names from? I just hope it goes away soon, I want to go outside!


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