Monday, June 12, 2006


I was unable to leave Oreo any comments during the party so far. All I get is an error message! I hate those things. So, I thought I would just post my comments here on the blog so Oreo can come and find them later! So without further error messages, may I present, my comments! (Insert crowd roaring their approval) Thank you, thank you!

Happy birthday Dad! I think your party is great. I went and saw your toys and the stinky goodness. So cool of you to have nip and all those toys. I did not go anywhere near that pool! What are you thinking water and cats do not mix well. I am having trouble finding Scooby, he tagged along. So if you see him, you know where to send him! No, I guess I’ll look around a little more maybe go play a little longer! Happy Birthday Dad!


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