Saturday, October 29, 2005

She made me do it.

Hey all you cool cats out there! My mom is making me post this. My sister Crystal has a blog. I am putting a link my blog so that you can read her comments. I did not want to write this. Who knows what my evil sister will write about me. Maybe I should be a little nicer to her for a while. No way! She would just post about something else. I will post some later today, my mom promised. If you are brave you can go read of my sisters blog. TTYL

Monday, October 24, 2005

This has been a bad day

I am feeling hurt right now. I got a shot. How crappy can one day be? It all started about three nights ago. I went outside to make sure everything was okay. I have to keep my family safe. All of the sudden I smelled a nasty smell. What was you ask? Andrew, the punk cat from up the street. So I ran around to the front porch to warn my mom and who do you think I found? The punk was on my porch! He had been real sneaky, roaming around my house. So I started to puff up and growl, you know real low and mean sounding. He just turned around and looked at me. So I jumped him and we started to, lets just say wrestle. I had him down and was meowing for my mom to come see when the sneaky little bugger bit me! He had the nerve to come in my yard and bite me? Well I started kicking his butt again when the front door opened. The light shining out stunned me and the stinking punk got away. Well, I had forgotten all about it until my mom felt "a place" on my back today. Well she goes and calls her friend K.C. to come and look at me. He is a vet in training and is usually a nice guy, but not today. He came and cleaned the bite (I was growling and hissing so loud) but then he got out a needle! I was scared out of my fur. I hate needles. He started telling me some crap about how if I didn't fight with strange animals then I wouldn't have to have anymore antibiotics. While I was trying to find a way to run he jams the needle in and shoots me full of who knows what. Can you believe him? I tried to bite him, just for revenge, but he held me down. He told mom that he would come back in a few days and check me out again. He better not! Well if he does, I'll claw him and run. I can't believe that we superior cats have to answer to a vet for protecting our people against vicious, stinking strangers. I got to go out and play for awhile but it is so cold I had to come in and warm up. Nobody better mess with me for the rest of the night. I will go to sleep on the dryer with dreams of hurting Andrew and K.C. in my little kitty heart. I have to find a way to show Andrew who is boss around here, and it sure isn't him! Hope you have a better day than me.

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I'm to sexy for this blog?

Hello all of you cats. I am just warming up. I went outside and it is cold. My paws got all wet (rain) and dirty (mud) and cold. Why did I go outside? What's done is done, so I will post and warm up on my hard drive. The little fan puts out a lot of heat. You should try it sometime. It makes my mom smile when I sit up here. She sings "I'm to sexy" to me while I warm up. She changes some of the lines for me though. It is, "I'm to sexy for my fur, to sexy for my fur." Blah, Blah then, "I shake my little tail on the cat walk, on the cat walk." Blah, Blah then my favorite line, "And I warm my little paws on the hard drive." See she loves me tons. Why else would she sing silly songs to me? Hope every cat out there is having a great day.

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Anyone got a mask?

No more pictures! I hate the evil flash. Posted by Picasa

Help! My mom has been tracking me! I try to hide so I can get a little rest and then I here the dreaded sound of the camera being opened. All day & night she follows me around saying, "Oh isn't he cute. Where did I put the camera?". What is a cat to do? I know I am cute, but I need my beauty rest. Finally I just hide my face till she gets the message that I am tired. I love her but dang, I wish I could kill the camera!

Here Kitty, Kitty

Hey everyone. I have come to a very startling conclusion about my mom, she is part cat. Do you doubt me? Well, let me explain. She sleeps curled up in a ball, not as tight as I do but who am I to judge? She always seems to understand what I want when I talk to her. She can meow with the best of us. She likes to take CAT naps. And last but not least she can purr. See? She must be a part cat. I am not sure how much cat but I will continue to investigate. The reason I bring this up is to find out if anyone else has a cat like human around? I don't like to think my mom is strange you see, but who would have thought she is like me. I like this, we could hang out and watch the animals in the yard. I think that would be just great. How do you, all of you brilliant felines out there, think I should handle this? Do you think I should try to let her know what I think? Or should I just keep it a secret? I am not sure. I am afraid that if I tell her she will stop being cat like and start being more human (insert small kitty scream). I think I will wait and see how it goes. Maybe her ears will start to be pointy, oh or she could grow a tail! I can always hope. Meow till later.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

No more doctors

Okay, all of you cool cats out there who might not read my Father Oreo’s blog, my Aunt is fine. She got her test results back today and they said she is fine. This is perfect news. She was all stressed out and scared. I just wanted to claw some doctors. All of that worrying for nothing. They should be more careful with important test results. Well hey, all of the test results are important to somebody? What were they thinking? Anyway, the good news is that she is okay. I will post again a little later. My Mom needs to use the phone. I wonder if I could get my own line? Oh no here she comes again. She told me to get off or she will withhold my treats, so BYE!

Friday, October 07, 2005

12? You're kidding right?

Okay, today is my cousin's 12th birthday. This sucks! If he doesn't stop growing soon I won't have any playmates. I don't know what to say. On the one paw, I am happy that he is growing up. But on the other paw, he is growing up! I look at all of his pictures, his little bald head all the way up to now. My mom (his auntie) is really proud of all of the terrors. They are growing up to be great people. I just wish it wasn't so fast. So anyway, Happy Birthday Jeremy! Have a great day and a purrfect party. I expect a piece of cake and some ice cream. My mom is cooking him something special and she won't share. I hope Jeremy will send me a little, if there is any left. Have fun and I will see you guys soon. Hello to ALL of the little terrors, not just the birthday terror.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am Back

I am finally able to write on my blog! My mom is finally healed up enough that I can post!! Yeah I am free to post! So what has been going on in my life lately you ask. Well, let me tell you some.
My sister Crystal (she is a PURE-BRED Siamese and you can tell it) had a sore tooth. She had to go to the doctor and have it fixed. When she got back she was in a really bad mood. She smacked me when I sniffed at her um.. lets just say back end. That was all It took for me to get her message, Leave me alone. So I did. I went out in the yard and chased the neighbors dog. I don't like her because she uses my yard as a toilet. I can use it, it's my yard. However, I will not tolerate some dog in using my yard to pee. There are rules around here, my rules! So I chased her back to her yard. Later on I went back and paid her back for her deposit with a stinky deposit of my own. So there.

Cool Cat

This is about two weeks old. My mom types so slow. I can't be too mad, after all she is trying.
Here it is:
I am a very cool cat. I am sitting in the window looking out at my yard and feeling very peaceful. I am very happy to report that the weekend is over. I can imagine that you are asking why would I want the weekend to be over, right? Is it because my people go away? No, I love my people to be here. Is it because it rained? Nope. Let me just explain. My mom has a sister, my human aunt. She has three boys. That is the reason I am glad the weekend is over. I was a lucky that only two of them came to stay. If you get all three in one place you better hide your tail. So anyway, the little terrors as I like to call them, stayed all weekend! They woke me up, played with my toys, and tried to pick me up! They are loud and messy, well that kind of sounds like me actually. The big one likes to brush me with my scratchy brush while the little one will play with me until I get bored. They always give me extra food and they let me out when ever I go to the door. You know what; I kind of miss those boys. They are rotten as all get out but they are kind of fun too! So, I wonder if they will be back this weekend. Do you think I should weave around their feet when they come back? Oh, no way I am doing that again! I forgot that their feet smell like a month old litter box. Yuck!