Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today is my human cousin Steven's 11th birthday! He is growing up so fast! Mom and Grandma went to his party on Sunday so he already got his presents. Mom says that before we know it all of the monsters will be grown up and have little monsters of their own. Now THAT is a scary thought! They do seem to be getting awfully big lately. I do miss the "kids" being little. They used to play with me more (insert kitty smile). However, I am a cat that understands life. They have to grow up sometime and I am just happy that I get to see the growing going on! Have a great birthday Steven! Love us all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Secret Paw is here

My secret paw came in the mail on December 23, 2006! My secret paw is Merlin the Cat Nelson! Go see his blog at http://merlinsmeows.blogspot.com/. Mom made me wait to post until today because the monsters have been here. It makes it hard for Mom to post so I guess I'll forgive her. So any way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am going to post some pictures now. Mom says I have to share because Scooby hasn't gotten his secret paw yet so he will be in some off the pictures too.

This is the card that Merlin sent to me!

It opens and says very nice things to me!

Look at what the box was hiding! BAD BOX!

Look at all the wonderful presents!

Come here Scooby! You can look too! What are you doing to the box? Are you eating it?!

HA! Now Mom took the box away. Come here and check out all the super cool stuff!

See I can share, when I want to.

What can I say accept THANK YOU MERLIN!!!!! I am having so much fun!