Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mom is 23!!

Hello all of you cats and kittens! Today is my mom’s birthday. She is so happy. She just got off the phone with the little monsters, her nephews. I can see the little happy tears in her eyes. I am so glad she is happy! My licking will make her smile at me and Imake her stop crying! Happy tears or not, I just don't want her to cry ! Yeah, now she is smiling and combing my fur. That makes me happy too.
My mom has had a good week but I know that she is glad that she has heard from the monsters. She went dancing on Monday with the evil K.C., vet guy. She came back all happy and humming, walking around the house with the pointy shoes on. Man, you got to watch your paws around those! Who in the world would want to have humans running around in those while they walked around? I mean come on, paws are not meant for stabbing! So anyway, when she sat down I ran over and put my scent back on her. That is just the way she should smell, like all of her devoted felines! Happy Birthday Mom!