Friday, December 23, 2005

What are seizures anyway?

I just wanted to say hi! My mom has not been posting my posts. She has had so much to do lately. She has been ignoring me. Not really, I just thought she might brush me some more if I could make her think that I felt neglected. Man, it didn’t work. There is not much going on around here. I have been watching a lot of movies and of course the birds. They are fun if my mom watches with me. We both tend to nod off and sleep for a while. My weekend was kind of fun. The little monsters came back and stayed for two days. I was outside a lot more than normal. When they are here all I have to do is walk over in the area of the door and they will let me out. Cool huh? They went home and we began another week here at my house. I will not be able to post as much for a while because this is the time for my mom to have a seizure. She doesn’t really want to get on the net with me when she could hurt me or herself. We have so many pointy corners in this house. So I have to help look out for her. If she gets hurt again I will have to learn to type. TTYL


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