Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have a secret!

Hello all of you cats! I have a really big secret! I will tell you because I can’t keep it in! My tail is twitching, my back is jumping, and I just want to tell! So here goes, I got a secret paw! Ain’t that cool? I have been looking and looking but I can’t find it. How frustrating! Hold on a second, my mom is talking to me. Umm… well, it seems she told me wrong about this secret paw thing. I got a gift from a secret paw, not that I actually had one. Oh well, I have a secret paw! My secret paw was Ms. Sniffles! She sent me cool toys that I can bite and chew on and bite! One is shaped like a duck and the other is a mouse.

As you can see this is my duck, ducky. And this fine fellow is my mouse, tom. They are both great!

I love them both! They taste so good. Thank you! I am so happy!! How did you know that I like to chew and bite on things? That is my favorite thing to do to my toys! My mom says that I am have to say that my sister, Crystal, had a secret paw too! She got a mousie and some really yummy food things (she shared). Well I had better go for now, Crystal is wanting to write on her blog tonight. Have a wonderful season and keep a cattin!


Blogger Bunny Daddy said...

YAY Snoodleroo. Glas you liked the toys! Mrs. Sniffles was worrried that the toys were lost by the fed ex guy. She had us checking the blogs and for some reason, you post didn't show up. We checked on 4 or 5 different computers. Hmmm... Cest la vie. Glad you like them.

Mrs. Sniffles Bunny Daddy

5:39 PM, January 16, 2006  

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