Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've got mail

It was an ordinary day around my house. I walked out with my mom to get the mail. I do this almost every day. She smiles and talks to me as we walk, it is so cool. So anyway, when we get out to the mailbox there sat two boxes. She picked them up and read the labels. One was hers, but the other was mine (and everyone else). I was so excited! It was from our friends Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and their mom Robyn! When we got back in the house she opened everything else before she opened my package! So mean! When she opened the box she smiled and went to get the camera so she could post some pictures. She came back and started to take her pictures.

This is what the package looked like inside. All wrapped up, but I could smell it! It had NIP in it! So she open it up and this is what we found.

There is nip for me and Scooby and a present for mom too. Mom was so happy. She doesn't get many surprise presents anymore. Here are some more pictures of our presents for you to look at.

You are looking at two baggies, with three separate bags of nip in them. One baggies says my name and the other says Scooby. We didn't want to wait for Mom to finish taking her pictures so we interrupted. We like to get in the way!

The last thing that was in the box was a baggie for my mom. There is a card in the middle. My mom took a picture of the card and her gift as you can see below.

Mom cried and smiled when she opened her box. Robyn sent her grief beads to help her feel better about Crystal's passing. My mom has been trying very hard to put Crystal's things away and couldn't do it. She held the beads and rubbed them while she put them away. Thank you Robyn. Your gift helped my mom find the strength to put Crystal's things away. Your generosity has touched all of our hearts. The encouragement that we have felt has been a blessing. This household is still in mouring but we have been able to smile and laugh again. Thank you.
I will post some more about the fun we are having with our nip. We love everything that was sent and the emotions that have come from it. All of the comments, prayers, and now our wonderful gift have truly help us all deal with the difficult time that we are having. Thank you all.


Blogger Sanjee said...

Oh lookie at all the pictures! We're so glad you got your goodies :) We all felt so sad for you and your Mom that we wanted to send a lil cheer up. It's super it's helped. And course you still miss Crystal and mourn for her, but playing is good even then. *wise kitty nods* You're lots welcome. Have fun with the nip!

1:30 AM, February 18, 2006  

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