Friday, February 10, 2006

Treasure Chest

I have been so happy! My nip that Robyn and her cats sent to us is the best! We have been playing and eating it. My mom hides our nip from us. I tend to eat through the bag and get it all over the house. I am not exactly sure why this is a bad thing, but my mom thinks it is. She used to hide it in a drawer, but I can get to it when she hides it there so she bought this thing.

This is what she uses to keep us away from our nip. The thing even has a lock! She painted it gold and calls it our treasure chest. I kind of thought that was funny, but I still want my nip. The only good thing about the box is that I can still smell the nip inside. Fumes are better than nothing! She put the nip that we got in the mail in the box and took this picture.

My mom set our nip on top of the nip we already had, and took a picture where you can see our names on the baggies. I think it is pretty cool. However, I still think I should be able to get my nip when I want it. I am just happy that she replaces the nip in our toys and gives us some to play with a lot, otherwise I would have to stage a revolt. Good mom! Now if I could just train her to open the box when I meow she would be perfect! I have to go now! I can hear the box opening! Bye!


Blogger Sanjee said...

I'm not gonna let Mommy see this picture. She might get bad ideas!!!

1:31 AM, February 18, 2006  

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