Monday, February 20, 2006

Teacher cat

I have been getting some very positive feed back about my “scenting lesson”. I like being able to share my cat knowledge with everyone. Maybe I can become a professor somewhere. What do you think? Professor Snoodleroo? It has a nice ring to it don’t it? Now I would like to answer some of the questions that were asked while saying I am smart a lot.

Miles (The Mezzers):
You can try to put your strong scent on your Mommy, but it may not work. The other cats may put their strong stink on her after you and then it confuses other cats. My suggestion is to scent one part of your Mommy, (this is what I do), and then the other cats will be able to mark her somewhere else. Please tell me all about your successes.

Dad (Oreo):
You didn’t even read my smell to see what I wanted? See readers, this is why my Dad is called Boogiehead! I think they should have named you bugger head (smile). I sent more messages on the monsters, read them and THEN erase them.

Victor Tabbycat:
Scooby made the same mistake. My smell (and Crystal’s) is a way for others to know that my mom is MY mom. However, scenting is a way to tell strangers that we love our people; otherwise, we would let them walk around without our smell. I don’t think you should worry much about Bonnie being mad at you. I was mad at Scooby but we get along all right now. He is still a pain in the tail sometimes, but that is because he is so young.

Sweetie (OldOldLady of the hills):
Thank you; I am a very smart cat. Humans don’t understand that if you don’t mark then it isn’t yours. You would think that they could figure that out on their own, but I guess not. Yes, I have noticed the human clinging to other human thing. My mom’s boyfriend is always moving ME out of the way to he can, so he can, he can, eeww … I just can’t say such nasty things but here goes, KISS her. Yuck. What is the appeal of kissing? It would be better if they just butted heads and rubbed faces. Dumb humans. I am very glad that you came to visit. Please come back anytime! Can I come visit you?

Fat Eric:
You are so welcome. I like to share my thoughts. Thank you, I am very smart. I also like to hear it!

So did she pass? I hope so! If she didn’t do well you have to let her try again. I mean how long did you take to learn what the litter box was for? I was very fast, mind you. (Smile)

So, those are the answers to the questions left for me about scenting. I need to go now my paws are aching! Thank you for reading this looong post!


Blogger The Meezers said...

Thank you Jamesie - I will try your advice - oh wise professor

8:41 PM, February 24, 2006  

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