Sunday, March 12, 2006

All better

Hello again! It has been a whole six days since I posted. You must have thought I had forgotten you. No, I could never forget you friends. It just took a little longer than we thought it would for my mom to get better. I am happy to report that my mom is “on the mend” and my grandma is “all most over it”. They are feeling lots better because of all the love and attention we gave them. All humans should know that kitty kisses and snuggles are the absolute best medicine ever! We cats never get the respect that we deserve. It doesn’t matter; it still makes my little heart better to know my people are well. I am going to go now. I am having a TREAT tonight as a thank you present. I wonder what it will be. Nip, no wait, food, I just can’t decide. Maybe she will give me both! Yes


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