Saturday, March 04, 2006

Play time

I have been having so much fun! My grandma is sick so my mom is busy taking care of her. This means that I am not getting my daily outside time. Now at first, I was very upset about this. That white cat could be in my yard and I needed to defend it. Plus, I wanted to chase all the birds and other animals. Then I discovered that my brother Scooby is fun. He likes to play games with me. We run together and play with all of the toys that are around. We like to play hide and swat. He hides under the bed a lot. I don’t tell him that I can see him, nope I just play along. I found a great spot! I hid under the chair in the living room, the only problem was I fell asleep and Scooby surprised me. How humiliating is that? Scooby surprised me; it should me the other way around. My most favorite thing to do is run with Scooby. He is really fast! He gets real low to the ground and zooms around the house. I am having lots of fun inside! I am even enjoying my time with Scooby, go figure. Well, I am off to run some more! Have a wonderful day!


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