Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sending a shout out

I am sending a "shout" (cleaning product) out to my extended family. They have been passing a cold around in Hardy, Virginia and it has invaded their house. I was sort of nervous about this weekend. I asked if I could catch this cold and mom said no, so I was happy to see them when they came in! So anyway, the monsters came and my human cousin is sick. They stayed with us and Jeremy was VERY sick. He was puking and everything. I feel terrible for Jeremy and I hope that Steven stays well, but it was kind of cool to watch mom clean up puke. She doesn't like it at all! She gets all green and mumbles to herself about "Mom duty" while she cleans it up (human and cat). She loves to be able to help but she is real tempted to run away from home when somebody is nauseous. Please keep Jeremy and all of the extended family in your prayers. I wish them all the best, Aunt Heather doesn't like to clean it up either!! I hope that Jeremy will laugh when he reads this and know that all of my meow-ing is meant to be a funny way of making him feel better. TTYL


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