Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bugger Lips

That is it! I have put up with a lot of indignities since BUGGER LIPS (Scooby) came to live here, but not this!

In case you don’t recognize that purple blob I will tell you, it used to be my nip mouse! His guts are hanging out man! His stuffing and nip pouch are not supposed to be showing.

Bugger lips ate him! I agonized over ripping his tail off and then HE comes along and it’s my friend! It is not just my nip mouse, Look!

He is eating my MOM! What if her stuffing starts to show? Who would feed me? Who would cuddle with me? Then what will I do? I think that I will have to teach him a lesson, but how? I need to think. I’ll be outside if you need me.


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