Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crappy day!

My brother is crazy! Yep, he is off his rocker. One card short of a full deck, no make that ten cards! He has been trying his best to make me feel better since he gave me pink eye. I keep telling him it could have happened to anyone and to just let it go. Do you think he will, nooo. Not my crazy brother! He keeps playing with me and keeping me company. That is not why he is crazy, he is crazy because he fell in the toilet AGAIN! He didn't learn anything from the last time. He went in there and then came streaking out into the hall meowing like his tail was on fire. Mom came out of the bathroom laughing and calling his name. Scooby went and got on the bed. Mom had to get him and give him a bath AGAIN! He-he, I love it! Two dunks in the same toilet! Now if I could just learn how to use the camera, maybe I could catch him in the act! Whoooosh! Got to flush! TTYL

Now he is in a bad mood! I bet he will cheer up when he finds out the monsters are coming!


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