Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Monster Jeremy is still sick. We found out that he has pneumonia today. This is really bad because he also suffers from asthma. Very dangerous combination! Please send him lots of good thoughts and prayers, he could really use them right know. I know that Aunt Heather is taking good care of him while he feels bad. I hope that Oreo is extra nice to Jeremy right now too! Mom is sad because Jeremy was at our house last weekend and she thinks she should have know he was getting worse. I keep telling her she ain't a psychic! She gets premonitions sometimes but she still can't see the future all of the time! Guilt is one ugly emotion. I am glad that cats rarely feel it! Please send the little monster all the cat and human love and prayers while he is sick, he is getting lots from us. We will keep you posted! TTYL


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