Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Comments are COOL!

I want to say hi to all and reply to some of your comments. I am going to start at the post for my Grandma's birthday! Than you for the birthday wishes, grandma loved it! What I am posting won't make all that much sense at times but I hope you get the general message.

To Timmy, I agree that Carl Edwards is a great driver. He always does well. He does one heck of a back flip! I just like Kasey Kahne because he took over for Bill when he retired. Mr. Kahne has proven that he has what it takes to be a great driver! I mean all you have to do is hit the 9 button an extra time and you get 99!

To Beau, You are a naughty cat for not knowing Kasey Kahne!

To Timmy (again :) ), Handsome? Wow, I just see a little kid. Well, maybe thirteen or so.

Now on to the "Reminiscing" post.

To Timmy, Hey! Yeah Oreo is my paw (insert kitty smile). He is the cat who got me started posting!

To The Meezers, Wow thanks. I am not as furry as I was then. I was sort of puffy then.

To Boni, Yep, I was the BABE! All of us kittens where very cute but I liked to pose for the camera!

To Diva Kitty's Mom, Thank you! I do have a cute butt! It was a lot smaller then but hey I am a full grown cat now.

That is all for now. I just really wanted to tell my visitors Hi and Thanks for coming! TTYL


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