Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I am a very blessed cat! I have made so many new cat friends here on my blog! I love to tell you all about my life and hear your stories too! Then I started to think about my cat family and my human family, and you know what? I am very blessed. I have always been surrounded by love and warm, friendly people. I have days when I forget just what a great life I have, but then something will remind me. While I was posting pictures of my brother Scooby and myself, I was reminded to be thankful for every day we have together. Let all of your friends and family know how you feel about them. Nobody can say for sure when they have to cross the rainbow bridge and it is difficult to live with regrets. I wish I could have given my sister Crystal one last kitty kiss before she crossed the bridge. She acted like she hated them but I know she loved them, and me. I am going to make sure the Scooby knows just how blessed we are to be a family. Bye for now! P.S.: So sorry about the glowing eyes! Mom startled me.


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