Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do we have kids?

I am very pleased to report that I will be having visitors, of the monster kind. They are coming sometime tomorrow and we don't know when they are leaving! Well, they have to go back to school on Monday, so we know they have to be home by then (He he). They are coming to us from their father's house (GRRRRR). We, as a household, don't like him. He WAS married to Aunt Heather until her brain came back from Mars! So anyway, we are liberating the boys tomorrow! Now mom is cleaning a lot faster than yesterday, she doesn't want to do it while the boys are here. So I am back to my new job, warming the furniture. I think I might just get a promotion! I will be the one they call when the furniture is cold and needs a good warming! (Ha-Ha!) TTYL


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