Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meet and RUN

I got to laugh at Scooby yesterday when the monster's dad dropped them off. Mom has been taking Scooby out to sit on the porch everyday. He likes it, as long as she holds him (the big baby!!). So there we were sitting on the porch when up pulls the van. Scooby got real tense and Mom said some dirty words that I can't type (Mom threatened to cut off my paws if I did). Out comes the "Dad" and then the boys. Mom got up with Scooby and went over to introduce him to the "dad". He said something dumb about not ever seeing a cat with blue eyes (Crystal had blue eyes too!) and he rubbed Scooby's head. So he wants to show Scooby off, so mom walks around the van and shows the "STEP mom" Scooby. She rubs him too. By now Scooby is just about ready to wet himself and then he saw them. The real monster children. The "Dad" has two other kids and Scooby was (rightly so) scared out of his mind. I was ready to attack if Scooby needed me, oh yeah or mom either. But this time they acted like kids and stayed in the van. So mom walked up to the house and let Scooby in so he could run off down the hall like his tail was on fire and then hide under the bed. They left and the good little monsters stayed with us. I am glad that it went okay. We had to "help" Scooby out from under the bed later but I don't really blame him for hiding. I think Jeremy is getting up so I got to run! TTYL


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