Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am back!

I have finally finished changing my blog! What do you think? It is snazzier than ever! I must take a moment to thank my umm ... Grandma (?) Heather for the new links! She is so sweet, when she wants to be! This is one of those "What?" moments that happens in life. I mean my mom is Heather's sister so that would make her my Aunt, but she is my dad's mom so now she is my Grandma. Well, my family tree needs some branches fast! Wired! So anyway, I can post and play again. If I missed your link just tell me and I will add it. So many new ones everyday, it is hard to keep up. I have a headache for all this family tree, no wait, family stick stuff so I am off to play! Oh, hi mom, what are you doing? I am posting on my blog, why? I have to get off? But MOM, I want to post some more! Crap, mom is taking the computer apart so I go to run! Wait Mom I didn’t say Bye yet!


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